Best Dog Groomers in Northern Virginia – Our Top 7 List

Best Dog Groomers in Northern Virginia | Top 7 

Good dog grooming helps a dog look great and feel his best. Regular grooming also enables you to examine your pup’s teeth, fur, ears, eyes, and nails to detect problems early on. While you need to maintain good hygiene standards for a healthy dog, dogs don’t require daily grooming, unlike humans. How often a dog needs grooming depends on the type of coat, size, and Best Dog Groomers in Northern Virginiabreed. Like many dog owners, you might not be in a position to groom your dog at home regularly because you don’t have the time or the right skills. A professional dog groomer can help, and there are many of those in Northern Virginia. Below are the best dog groomers in Northern Virginia who will provide the maintenance grooming your dog needs to remain healthy and good-looking.

A Dog’s Day Out Groomer in Northern Virginia

A Dog’s Day Out has some of the best dog groomers in Northern Virginia. They have locations in several parts of the United States, including Northern Virginia. They offer grooming, boarding, dog daycare, training, and kenneling services. At A Dog’s Day Out, your pup will get to socialize in a cage-free daycare space. For grooming services, A Dog’s Day Out offers competitive spa packages. They include ear cleaning, nail clipping, anal gland expression, brushing, bathing, conditioning, drying, haircutting, and styling, depending on the dog’s breed. Grooming services are available by appointment only, so call ahead to book an appointment.

Coco Clips Dog Grooming in Northern Virginia

Coco Clips Dog Grooming is located in Fairfax, VA. It’s a new name in the dog grooming industry but offers outstanding grooming services at a competitive price. Coco Clips caters to dogs of all sizes and breeds with services like bath, trimming, and full grooming based on your dog’s needs. Coco Clips also offers accommodation for special needs dogs.


Dog-A-Do is a local, veteran-owned dog-grooming business. The owner, Kat Brooks, is a certified Master Groomer with over 40 years of experience in pet grooming. Dog-A-Do offers a complete grooming package that includes a bath, clip and scissor trim, fluff dry, ear plucking, cleaning, and nail trimming. They also provide other stand-alone packages like nail trims, bath and nails, plus bath and tidy. Other services include regular maintenance like combing and brushing in between grooming.

Dog Krazy

Dog Krazy is a top-notch dog grooming business in Northern Virginia that offers grooming services bound to leave your pup feeling pampered and relaxed. They also offer a self-service dog wash package that doesn’t require you to make an appointment. The package includes natural shampoo, conditioner, optional tick and flea shampoo, cool air dryer, towels, and aprons. They also provide daycare services plus grooming services for cats.

Belly Rubs N Suds

Located in Ashburn, VA, Belly Rubs N Suds is among the most sought-after dog groomers in Northern Virginia. Belly Rubs N Suds offers individualized grooming at appointment only and high-quality styling services to leave your pup feeling and looking great. They offer a variety of grooming salon packages that include a spa bath package, a mini spa, and a full-service spa. They also have special offers for service dogs at a 50% discount. Their grooming salon uses only the highest quality all-natural and eco-friendly products.

Dogma Bakery & Boutique

The Dogma Bakery & Boutique offers almost everything from freshly-baked treats for your dog to grooming services. They also stock a variety of premium dog and cat foods, accessories, pet beds, décor items, and grooming supplies. Dogma Bakery & Boutique has been operational since 2000 and is committed to providing healthy foods and treats for your dog or cat. At Dogma Bakery & Boutique, your dog receives exclusive and individualized attention in a cage-free space. Services include style consultation, shampooing, premium conditioning, brush-outs and blow dry by hand, ear cleaning, nail trimming, pad trimming, full haircut, and scissor-finished tidy trimming. They also offer nail filling and teeth brushing at a small fee.


As one of the best dog groomers in Northern Virginia, Dogtopia has everything required to meet your dog’s needs, including doggie daycare, overnight, weekend plus holiday boarding services, and award-winning spa services. The doggie spa package includes spa baths, ear cleaning, brush-outs, teeth brushing, nail trimming, self-wash tubs, and grooming. Dogtopia provides a relaxing environment that caters to your dog’s comfort, like various drying methods for dogs that get nervous around loud noises.

Dog Groomers in Northern Virginia: Preparing Your Dog for Grooming

Now that you know where to find the best dog groomers in Northern Virginia, the next step is getting your dog to your chosen groomer. For some dogs, it’s never that easy because they are overly sensitive and don’t like being touched. Even when you get them to the groomer, they won’t be receptive to brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and other grooming services.Best Dog Groomers in Northern Virginia

An overly-sensitive dog was most likely not desensitized properly. Desensitization is all about exposing a dog to a form of stimulus at different levels to a point where the dog becomes less reactive and more comfortable to touch. Desensitization is part of dog confidence-building training offered by professional dog trainers like Off Leash K9 Training.

Our confidence-building program involves eight weeks of aggression and reactivity training for aggressive and highly-reactive dogs like yours. The program that includes basic obedience training is handled by experienced dog trainers who will give your dogs the necessary skills, tools, and desensitization to make it through grooming sessions.

Our training program is tailored to the specific needs of your dog. We offer one-on-one training sessions rather than group classes so that your dog receives the individualized care and attention they need. When sensitivity and reactivity are not addressed, they could lead to aggressive behavior like accidental biting.

If you have a dog who exhibits aggression or anxiety whenever you take them for grooming, it’s about time you addressed the issue before it gets out of hand. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help. Our trainers will stop at nothing to ensure that your dog has their confidence back so that all grooming sessions are enjoyable for them.

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