Best Dog Stores in Northern Virginia – Our Top 8 List

8 Best Dog Stores in Northern Virginia 

When you own a dog, you want to give them the absolute best to make their life and yours as fulfilling as possible. Whether that means spoiling them with specific toys and delicious treats or feeding them with natural, healthy foods, some of these things, you can’t find easily at your regular store. Pet ownership in the US has grown tremendously, and with it, pet-friendly establishments and pet-specific stores. If you are in Northern Virginia and looking for a place to buy your dog supplies, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog stores in Northern Virginia. Stop by one of these dog stores and load up on dog food, toys, clothing, leashes, collars, snacks, and treats for your furry friend. Each store has its own unique take on pet care, with some even offering special services and supplies.

Best Dog Stores in Northern Virginia 

Kriser’s Natural Dog Store in Northern Virginia

Kriser’s Natural Pet is a pet supplies store in Fairfax, VA. It is one of the top pet boutiques in Northern Virginia that offers natural foods from top brands like Acana, Fresh Is Best, PureVita, The Blissful Dod, Fuzzyard, Stella and Chewy’s, Nutri Source, and more. Each brand is certified, so you are sure that what you are giving your dog is entirely natural. The store also offers treats and chews, toys, supplies like bowls, feeders, beds, crates, apparel, and supplements for joint care, skin care, digestion, dental, eye, and ear care, and allergies so that you can raise a healthy and happy dog. On top of that, the store offers services like in-house veterinary services, grooming, and self-wash.

Happy Hound Pet Dog Store in Northern Virginia

Happy Hound is located in Lansdowne Town Center and offers everything you need to keep your dog happy and healthy. Whether you are in the market for specialty dog food, fresh treats, quality toys, a unique collar, outdoor gear, or need a place to clean your muddy pup, you will find it here. At Happy Hound, they understand that finding dog products can be overwhelming. That’s why they do the dirty work for you by researching all products they carry, ensuring that everything is top of the line. At Happy Hound, the owners dig back to the root of canine nutrition and only carry natural, wholesome, and naturally sourced dog foods and treats.

Chico’s Natural Pet Market: Dog Store in Northern Virginia

Chico’s Natural Pet Market is one of the top pet stores that serve the Alexandria region of Northern Virginia. The store is built on the foundation that animals come first. Here you can buy various natural foods and quality supplies for pets. The store features premium, all-natural and holistic pet food brands, a grooming salon, The Amazonia Critter Atrium, a Fancy Cats adoption center, and exciting events.

Felix & Oscar in Northern Virginia

Felix and Oscar has served the greater Northern Virginia region since its inception in 2007. The store was born out of a necessity for better pet health through nutrition, education, and information. The store is located in Springfield, VA. Here you can get suggestions on almost everything pet-related, including treats or chews, ingredient panels, and sourcing information. They offer a wide variety of wholesome dog foods from top brands like Acana, Ziwi Peak, Fromm, Orijen, Verus, Real Meat, Canide, and more.

Bark + Boarding

Located at Baileys Crossroads, VA, Bark + Boarding has serviced the DMX area since its inception in 1999. The store provides a variety of services, including doggie daycare, full-service dog and cat grooming, boarding, positive reinforcement dog training, and a structured daycare program for pups who need more help socializing. On top of that, Bark + Boarding carries a wide variety of dog food, treats, collars, leashes, and toys. If you need someone to check on your dog when you are not at home, Bark + Boarding has got you covered, thanks to services like pet sitting, midday dog walking, and pet taxis.

Dogma Bakery & Boutique

Located at the Village at Shirlington – South Arlington, VA, at Dogma Bakery & Boutique, passion and love for animals are ingrained in everything they do. This is reflected in their food and products, fresh store-baked treats, and grooming salons. The store carries a wide range of premium dog foods with brands like Bravo, Dr. Harveys, Primal, Taste of the Wild, Acana, and Fromm. You can also find dog accessories, grooming supplies, pet-oriented décor items, and pet beds.Pet Dog Store in Northern Virginia

Ally & Indy Pet Store

Ally & Indy is a versatile pet store located in Alexandria, VA. It offers a variety of pet products, grooming, and walking services. The dog store offers pet foods from reputable brands like True Blue, Open Farm, and Wood’s Goody’s. Their grooming services are cage-free, so your dog feels as comfortable as possible.

Canine Carousel Pet Supply and Salon 

Canine Carousel is conveniently located in Herndon, VA. The store offers a full-service pet spa boutique and pet supplies. Here you can find a selection of brands, including Fromm Family Foods, Acana, Primal, Inception, Pro Pac, and Zuke’s. On top of that, it is one of the few pet stores in Northern Virginia with a bakery where you can find all manner of healthy, wholesome treats for your four-legged best friend. The store even offers seasonal and special occasion treats for your dog.

Giving your dog the best means ensuring that you give them natural, wholesome foods and treats and that they also have accessories like toys, beds, and other supplies to lead a healthy and happy life. It also means ensuring that they lead a safe life by ensuring your pup is properly trained to handle all kinds of environments.

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