Dog Friendly Apartments in Northern Virginia | Top 5

Dog Friendly Apartments in Northern Virginia – Top 5

Having a dog in your life is quite fulfilling but living with one in an apartment is another thing. Finding a dog-friendly apartment with the right living conditions can be a challenge. Luckily, there are many great dog friendly apartments in Northern Virginia to choose from, with many of them allowing one to live with their dog. When choosing an apartment, you need toDog Friendly Apartments in Northern Virginia consider more than the location. Factors like space and pet policies are vital. You also need to ensure that the apartment you choose is ideal for your specific dog breed and size. For instance, if you have a large-breed dog, you need to ensure that the apartment has enough space to accommodate you and your pup. It would help if you also confirmed that there is plenty of outdoor space to walk your dog. Here are some of the best dog-friendly apartments in Northern Virginia.

Bell Fair Oaks of Northern Virginia

This modern apartment is the first of many dog friendly apartments in Northern Virginia that you and your dog will love. The apartment offers plenty of amenities like a fenced park where your dog can spend time. It’s one of those places where your dog is free to run wild and explore leash-free. The apartment accepts dogs and cats, plus non-traditional pets like hamsters, fish, birds, gerbils, and non-poisonous frogs. In terms of dog breeds, there are a few restrictions that you need to discuss with the leasing office. The apartment allows up to two pets not exceeding 75 lb. each. There is also a one-time fee of $500 and a $50 pet charge every month.

Ellipse at Fairfax Corner in Northern Virginia

If you are looking for another great dog friendly apartment in Northern Virginia, Ellipse at Fairfax Corner is a great place to start. The apartments are located in a bustling location in Fairfax Corner with tons of restaurants, a movie theatre, and shopping complexes within walking distance. The apartment allows both dogs and cats with a few breed restrictions. They allow two pets per apartment, but you have to make a $400 deposit for your first pet and $200 for the second. You also need to pay an additional $50 pet charge every month you live with your pet in the apartment.

The Point at Park Station in Northern Virginia

The Point at Park Station is located in Manassas Park, a great place to be if what you want is to belong to a great community. The apartment is surrounded by many amenities like restaurants, bars, high-ranked schools, stores, and coffee shops. Become part of the community and gain access to pools, gyms, and clubhouses. There is also a bark station that your dog will enjoy and lots of grassy areas where you can walk him.

Lakeside Apartments

Lakeside Apartments is a great place for you and your dog. The apartments offer tons of amenities outside the community-oriented spaces like a picnic area, a grilling area, and a dog park. They also offer a wide variety of floor plan options so that you can select an apartment that has enough space for you and your dog. The apartments accept different dog breeds with a few restrictions you can discuss with the leasing office.

Modera Fairfax Ridge

The Modera Fairfax Ridge is one of the newest dog friendly apartments in Northern Virginia but with a lot to offer. For one, you can choose between different floor plans to get an apartment that suits all your needs when it comes to space. The design and finishes are also top-tier and rival many top-of-the-line condos. The apartment allows dogs and cats, except for aggressive breeds, and some aquariums. Reach out to the leasing office to determine if your dog is allowed.

Living With A Dog in An Apartment

Finding an apartment that allows dogs is one thing, but living with a dog in the same apartment can be challenging. Dogs, for one, require a lot of attention, exercise, and a place to go potty. However, dogs, either small or big, are comfortable living in an apartment. But, there are things you need to do to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

The size of the dog and their energy level can end up causing lots of problems for you and your neighbors, which could make living in an apartment complicated. If you are looking for a dog-friendly apartment in Northern Virginia, basic training for your dog is essential. While most apartments have no problem with you having a pet or two, there are exceptions. For instance, no apartment will be okay having a dog owner with a very aggressive dog. A professional dog trainer is the best option when you want to live with a dog in an apartment.

Off-Leash K9 Training is one of the best dog training companies for many dog owners. Our training packages target dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. We have helped thousands of dog-owners make a smooth transition to apartment living with their dogs. Our obedience training helps dog owners better manage their dogs for apartment living. The 4-week and 8-week training programs help teach your dog basic and advanced commands to make apartment living easy.

Off-Leash K9 training also has an aggressive dog package if you have a very aggressive dog who may cause problems if you live in an apartment. We also have a puppy training consultation package to give your new puppy a good foundation for obedience training when living in an apartment. Many dog-friendly apartments in Northern Virginia are every dog owner’s dream. The amenities and living space are enough for even large breed dogs. You, however, need to ensure that your dog is well behaved to live in an apartment in the first place, and that’s where professional dog training comes in.

If you are worried about your dog not doing well in an apartment situation, get in touch with Off Leash K9 Training today. Our training can help better manage your dog in an apartment living situation regardless of the space.


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